You might ask why we reference our mothers on this blog, and truly we never thought we would be doing so when we created this company. However a funny thing happens when you start a new business; certain details take on a life of their own.

As the finer details of the site came to life we started to realize the depths in which we are entrenched in the coffee industry. If it were a pool we would be at that part where the floor drops down and you can’t touch the bottom anymore. So to keep the chlorine out of our eyes we decided to talk to people who enjoy coffee but really don’t know much about it.

We love our parents dearly, and decided to do a bit of a focus group with them as part of our feedback analysis. Their insights were witty and useful, and during this interaction we realized that ‘if our own mother’s couldn’t relate to what we are doing, then we are missing the mark’.

Enter the “mom blog”.

We aren’t going to wax poetically about our families on here (much) though. The mom blog is meant to be fun, interesting, and relatable. We will talk about coffees we get out in the wilderness of the retail world, stories about being a coffee “pro”, and probably some things that don’t have a category yet.

We hope you enjoy reading about our crazy, caffeinated world.


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