My dad has always been an aspiring coffee nerd. When I was young he would always be trying different coffees and brands. Back then the terms were more like “Kenya AA” or Peruvian when you were getting into the good stuff but nevertheless I remember him analyzing each cup.

My dads setup was simple. He had his own grinder, the standard coffee pot and always made sure to clean it with vinegar flushes if the coffee started tasting off.

When we would go camping, coffee was always a focal point. Sometimes he would pre-brew it and put it into huge thermos’ so we could re-heat it over the fire. That was the only way to have good coffee while camping in 88!

His 2-4 cup a day habit launched him into opening a little coffee place in Chico, Ca called Pasta & Spice. It specialized in Italian specialty items but really, if he were to be honest, was about making coffee. He solicited training from Dillanos back in 2001 using his manual espresso machine. He would always tell me that the espresso wouldn’t taste right unless the first drop came out between 8-10 seconds after you released the lever.

He has come to almost all of my regional barista competitions and even was called up to be a part of Chris Baca’s infamous serving of extra judges in LA.

His home equipment and understanding of amazing coffee has only grown and I love our early morning coffee time when I visit him.

He has always had great info and perspective on people and business and I am so thankful for his support in understanding my passions!

Happy Father’s Day and thanks in advance for all the help you are still going to provide!

Papa Truby, Jared and the grandkids

Papa Truby, Jared and the grandkids

Jared Truby is one half of the Tight Bros that make up

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