While the holiday season is filled with joy and happiness, it’s also pretty freaking busy. Before you know it it’s December 25th and you totally forgot to set yourself up for after dinner coffees. Now, don’t panic! Just dump out that stocking of yours and get creative!

Every household has their own traditional stocking stuffers. In mine there are definitely some usual suspects.


My family tends to go with the classics: peppermint, kisses, cherry candy canes, and some soft cookies of various tasty flavors.


Using just a few simple ingredients you would be surprised at how many different options you can come up with. That’s half the fun of it anyway! Here are a few that we came up with and enjoyed.



Stocking Stuffers Peppermint mocha

If there is one this you can count on having easy access to, it’s peppermint candies. In this simple holiday fix, toss 3 Hershey’s Kisses into a hot cup of coffee and stir it all together with a peppermint stick. If you want to really take it to the next level, add a little half and half or spring for some Reddi-Whip!


stocking stuffer black forest

So mom bought the rainbow colored candy canes this year. Well, if you like chocolate and cherry together you are in luck! Just like it’s minty cousin, drop 3 kisses into a hot cup of joe and stir with the ‘crook’ side of the candy cane. It’ll blow your mind how quickly it dissolves! If you’re into a little dairy it never hurts to add half & half or some whipped cream.




Kids love them, grown-ups love them. Heck, even Santa is looking forward to some crumbly goodness at each stop! With some simple store-bought soft cookies we tried just dunking in coffee instead of milk. Oh man, while they were all tasty we especially enjoyed the lemon cookie!


Truly, the possibilities are endless. We wish you a happy holiday and the best luck in your last minute coffee creativity! If you come up with something delightful with your own stocking candy, share it with us on social media (@RoastRatings) with the hashtag #lazytreats!

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