With the Tasting Boxes being a new phenomenon for us, we find ourselves constantly looking for best areas of improvement. Overall, the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive and we are so happy to hear that. Thank you to all of our patrons for your feedback and support!

From the outside looking in, we are essentially selling yet another coffee subscription. But, from our perspective, we are sharing much more than just coffee. To us, the Tasting Box is an ✨activity✨ designed to introduce a new take on coffee tasting culture as a whole:

🤝 To create an environment where any coffee can get a fair shake and encouraging feedback, no matter its origin.

💖 To make a welcoming space for peoples’ feelings, preferences and voices to help define “quality” in a more collective way, no matter their background.

🐇 To cultivate open dialogue and genuine enjoyment into the tasting experience. All of this with the hopes of sparking newfound curiosity!

☕ And, most of all, to start TASTING coffee brewed – the way we serve it to people every single day!

There’s a lot of ways we go about our mission – to be explored in future posts and blogs. But, as we are learning from our journey, we’re adding to pieces to Tasting Boxes – to help our wonderful patrons better understand what it is that we’re up to! Our latest addition:

Meet Your Calibrator! 👋

Now, with every box, we’ve added a Calibrator sample of single serve coffee. Each Calibrator includes deeper coffee info, as well as our most recent scores for your reference. We hope this will help you get an idea of where a coffee might score out in our system, based on our collective experiences thus far.

For fun, we also suggest throwing in a commercially produced coffee sometime. Remember, the scoresheet can be used with ANY coffee 😉

This months New York Tasting Box will feature the Ethiopia Misty Valley by Gracenote Coffee, an instant packet processed by Swift Cup Coffee

For us, it was Fruity, Baking Spices & Full Body

🗽📫 NY Boxes start shipping tomorrow! Supplies are limited but, iff you are interested in checking it all out, we still have a few available here!

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