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Thailand 100% Arabica from Lanna Coffee Co.

Thailand 100% Arabica from Lanna Coffee Co.

Roast Rating: 4 stars


An intriguing coffee from Thailand, roasted by Lanna Coffee Co. in Fresno, CA. It is Earthy - Full Bodied - Baking Spices.

User Rating: 1.0 (1 votes)

Thailand 100% Arabica

Origin: Thailand   Process: Washed

Roaster: Lanna Coffee Co.

Cupping Evaluation

Cupping Details

This coffee presents itself as primarily earthy and smoky in the nose, laced with dark chocolate and hints of dry fruit. Full and smooth, the body is mouth coating and even a touch juicy. Acidity is the first flavor experience, coming in a little sharp, but citric like lemon. Complex in its sweetness we find some rich tones of brown sugar, milk chocolate and a little whiskey. The low tones are tannic and spicy with some cumin, bell peppers and cola. Tannic sweetness lingers in the finish, shifting into a dry end.
  • Aroma: 1 / 2
  • Body: 2 / 3
  • Aftertaste: 3.5 / 5
  • Acidity: 4 / 5 [x 2]
  • Sweetness: 3.5 / 5 [x 2]
  • Bitterness: 3.5 / [x 2]
  • Drinkability: 7 / 10
  • Total: 35.5 / 50

Brewing Evaluation

Brewing Details

Herbs and Earth come to mind in the nose, as the fist sips reveal a full and rich body. Juicy citrus are pretty distinct but in balance with the malty caramel sweetness. The dominant flavor character is in its lower tones of chocolate, baking spices and a hint of smoke. The finish is long and pretty pleasant as malts dry into a dark chocolate. Overall this coffee is Earthy - Full Bodied - Baking Spices.
  • Aroma: 1.5 / 2
  • Body: 2.5 / 3
  • Aftertaste: 4 / 5
  • Acidity: 4 / 5 [x 2]
  • Sweetness: 4 / 5 [x 2]
  • Bitterness: 4 / 5 [x 2]
  • Drinkability: 7.5 / 10
  • Total: 39.5 / 50

Roast Rating: 4 stars

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Roaster Profile

Lanna Coffee Co

Lanna Coffee Co exists to provide quality coffee with an incredible purpose. We buy directly from our partner in Thailand where we help to create clean water wells, education and health care for our villages in Northern Thailand. Our coffee is shade grown, direct trade and pesticide free, we seek to create a great quality coffee with a great vision. We have been in existence for 4 years and enjoying bringing coffee that you will enjoy on a daily basis.

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Categories: Coffee Ratings. Origins: Thailand. Flavors: Brown Sugar, Carrots, Citrus, Cola, Cumin, Dry, Full, Lemon, Low Acid, Malt, Peppers, Round, Sharp, Smooth, Spicy, Syrup, Tannic, Tropical, and Whiskey. Brew Descriptors: Baking Spices, Earthy, and Full Body. Roasters: Lanna Coffee Co.

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