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Holiday Blend from Downtown Coffee

Tis the season for a Holiday Blend by Downtown Coffee in Oahu, HI. It is Nutty – Medium Body – Earthy

Maui Mokka from Downtown Coffee

Maui Mokka brought to us by Downtown Coffee in Oahu, HI. It is Mellow – Smooth – Low Acid

Thailand 100% Arabica from Lanna Coffee Co.

An intriguing coffee from Thailand, roasted by Lanna Coffee Co. in Fresno, CA. It is Earthy – Full Bodied – Baking Spices.

Colombia El Pital From Native Coffee Roasters

El Pital’s tangy zip is sure to perk up the palate. It is Tart – Clean – Caramel

El Chupacabra- A Blend From Happyrock Coffee Roasters

Happyrock tamed the beast with their El Chupacabra. It is Juicy – Sweet – Nutty

Guatemala El Merced from Durango Coffee Company

El Merced is a classic Guatemalan: Mellow – Creamy – Malty

Costa Rica Berlina Honey from Durango Coffee Company

Berlina Honey brings the heat! It’s Fruity – Juicy – Chocolatey

Ethiopia Guji Natural from Indaba Coffee

Guji Natural from Indaba Coffee Roasters. We found it Fruity, Dry & Nutty

Kenya Wahundura from Evocation Coffee

A lovely Kenyan from Evocation Coffee in Amarillo, TX. This coffee is- BALANCED – JUICY – CHOCOLATEY.

Ethiopia Banko Gotiti Natural from Goshen Coffee

Banko Gotiti Ethiopia, a Natural from Goshen Coffee in St. Louis, MO is Chocolate – Berry – Creamy.

Ethiopia Hafursa Natural from Goshen Coffee

Hafursa Natural, an Ethiopian offering from Goshen Coffee in St. Louis is Berry – Bright – Clean.

Nicaragua La Pastoral Melosa Honey from Goshen Coffee

La Pastoral Melosa, a honeyed Nicaraguan from Goshen Coffee is best descried as Citrus – Juicy – Balanced

Ethiopia Gedeb from Goshen Coffee

The Ethiopia Gedeb is coming in from Goshen Coffee in St. Louis, MO. It is Balanced – Smooth – Complex

Panama Elida Estate Natural from Cat and Cloud

A tasty fruit bomb from Cat and Cloud Coffee in Santa Cruz, CA. We call this coffee: Berry – Chocolatey – Smooth

Ethiopia Limu Seka from Cat and Cloud

A stellar Ethiopian from Cat and Cloud Coffee in Santa Cruz, CA. We call this coffee: Balanced – Juicy – Sweet

Rusty’s Hawaiian Yellow Caturra Natural from PT’s Coffee Roasting Co.

Rusty’s Hawaiian Yellow Caturra Natural from PT’s Coffee Roasting Co. is a decadent and rare treat. It’s Balanced, Fruity and Complex.
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Colombia Pacamara Honey Process from Portland Roasting

A delicate tea-like offering from Portland Roasting Coffee’s Enthusiast Collection. This coffee is Mild, Clean and Fruity.

Portland House, a blend by Portland Roasting Coffee

A rich and creamy offering from Portland Roasting Coffee. This coffee is Creamy, Nutty & Low-Acid.

Idido Yirgacheffe by Counter Culture Coffee

A sweet and delightful Ethiopian from Counter Culture Coffee in Durham, NC. This coffee is Fruity, Clean & Balanced.

Fast Forward, a Blend from Counter Culture Coffee

Have a need for speed? Check out the refreshing Fast Forward Blend from Counter Culture Coffee in Durham, NC. This coffee is Nutty, Creamy and Clean.

Colombia Banexport by Portland Roasting Coffee

A winey treat from Portland Roasting Coffee in Portland, OR. This coffee is Mellow, Sweet & Full-Bodied.

Kenya Mbeguka From Counter Culture Coffee

On the market for a classic Kenyan coffee? The Mbeguka is Intense, Full Bodied & Fruity

Kenya Gachatha AA from PT’s Coffee Roasting Co.

Looking for a showstopper? Look no further! Kenya Gachatha AA is Bright, Juicy & Sweet

El Salvador El Matazano by PT’s Coffee Roasting Co.

Rocking our world with flavor, the El Matazano is Mellow, Citrus and Clean

Big Trouble Blend from Counter Culture Coffee

Looking for trouble? Big Trouble from Counter Culture Coffee delivers. It is Balanced, Full Bodied and makes us think of tasty Baking Spices.

Goose Hollow Blend by Portland Roasting Coffee

Straight out of Portland, Goose Hollow Blend shows us the meaning of Bold, Spicy and Low-acid.

Beachcomber Coffee from Beachcomber Coffee Co

A pleasantly bittersweet blend from Beachcomber Coffee Co. in Vancouver, Canada. This coffee is Balanced, Full-Bodied, and Smoky.

Ethiopia ‘Hambela’ Natural Process from Rex Roasting Co.

A sweet fruit-bomb Ethiopian from Rex Roasting in Terre Haute, Indiana. In three words – Fruity, Tart, and Juicy.

Rwanda Misozi-Kopaki from Rex Roasting Co.

A high quality Rwandan coffee from Rex Roasting Co in Terre Haute, Indiana. This coffee is Sweet, Balanced, and Smooth.

Kenya Karimikui AA Top from Blueprint Coffee

This Kenyan coffee by Blueprint Coffee in St. Louis, MO is best described as Tart, Intense & Clean

Guatemala ASDECAFE from Blueprint Coffee

Delicious coffee from Blueprint Coffee in St. Louis. This coffee is Juicy, Balanced and Nutty. 

El Salvador Don Ramon Pacamara from Messenger Coffee

This El Salvador from Messenger Coffee Co was roasted in Kansas City, MO. It is bright, full-bodied and nutty.

El Salvador Dia Siguiente from Messenger Coffee

A fruit forward El Salvador coffee from Messenger Coffee in Kansas City, MO. Bright, Round, and Chocolatey.

Guatemala Waykan from Messenger Coffee

Guatemala Waykan tempts us from Messenger Coffee of Kansas City, MO. So sweet, balanced and clean.

Rwanda Butare from Tom’s Roasting Co.

A light and complex Rwanda surprise from Tom’s Roasting Co. Fruity, Sweet, and Smooth

House Blend from Starbucks

A bold house blend from Starbucks Coffee in Seattle, WA. Intense, Low-Acid, and Smoky

Donut Shop Blend from HyVee Supermarkets

A light version of the Donut Shop Blend by HyVee Supermarkets in the midwest USA. Clean, Balanced, and Mellow

Donut Shop Blend from Cameron’s Coffee

A bold take on the Donut Shop blend from Cameron’s Coffee in Shakopee, MN. Bold, Earthy, Low-Acid

Traditional Roast from Gevalia

One of many blend offerings from Gevalia, which was founded in Sweden. Rich, Chocolatey, and Nutty

Kona Red Bourbon Peaberry from Hula Daddy Coffee

High quality Kona Coffee offering from Hula Daddy Coffee in Kona, Hawaii. Juicy, Sweet, and Smooth.

Colombia Las Mingas from Ozo Coffee Company

A tasty Colombia from Ozo Coffee Company in Boulder, CO. Fruity, Sweet, and Balanced

Tierra del Sol from Archer Farms

Archer Farms organic offering from Mexico. It is bold, intense and a bit spicy.

Original Blend from Eight O’Clock Coffee

A nutty and balanced blend from 8 O’Clock Coffee. Lighter in body and chocolatey, this coffee is a versatile option.

Caribou Blend from Caribou Coffee

The signature name blend from Caribou Coffee. Bold, Smoky, and Low-Acid

Medium Roast from Illy

A full bodied coffee coffee from Illy, an Italian brand. Chocolatey, Clean, and Mild

Decaf House Blend from Gevalia

A standard decaf offering from Gevalia Coffee. Decaf, Full Bodied, and Mild.

Colombian Peaks from Eight O’Clock Coffee

A bold Colombian coffee from Eight O’Clock Coffee. Full Bodied, Smoky, and Sweet.

Decaf Premium Roast from McCafe

A surprisingly flavorful decaf offering from McCafe. Balanced, Sweet, and Decaf

Kona Blend from Archer Farms

A simple take on the Kona blend from the Archer Farms brand. Dry, Mild, and Balanced.

Ethiopia Adado from Oddly Correct

High quality Ethiopian natural coffee from Oddly Correct in Kansas City, MO. Chocolatey, Creamy, and Fruity.

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