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Aside from the industry standard of cupping, one of the most important additions we made in our scoring system was to add a standard brew component. Meaning? We taste coffee like the majority of the coffee drinking public, choosing desscriptors that are approachable. Our biggest goal with Roast Ratings is to make the worlds tastiest coffees not only more accessible, but enticingly relatable.


Our scoring system was designed to score all coffees, from low grade commodity to cultivated excellence, so Roast Ratings is a great promotional tool for roasters focusing in Specialty Coffee. For our high rating coffees we offer promotion through our social media outlets, giving your company even greater reach with the public.  We also provide marketing tools like rating badges or use in online marketing, as well as shelf tags to help with in store promotion for you or your wholesale clients.


Of course you love your coffees! You tasted them months ago, booked them out, waiting months for them to finally arrive. And then you roasted them each with care. While your existing clan of raving fans have no doubts about your inherent awesomeness, having a third party opinion not only backs you up, but helps you grow your consumer base. We’re here to use our experience nd credentials to help Specialty Coffee succeed!



The Roast Ratings tasting team has over 30 years of collective professional coffee experience. Our backgrounds vary, from  spending time in coffee fields, to roasting to tasting cup after cup (after cup) & everything in between. This diversity of experience gives us a good deal of insight into what makes each coffee taste the way it does and why. Part of each and every rating is about using our collective understanding to provide valuable feedback to every roaster we work with.

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