Instant Coffee Tasting Box


When we rated instant coffees recently, we were so impressed that we really wanted to share the experience with others. Some of these coffees absolutely blew us away. So we are launching our very first Tasting Box with three of the top instant coffees (including one with a truly innovative approach)!



What’s in the box?

  • Three freshly rated 5 Star Coffees, encoded to prevent bias ( we include enough for 3 tasting rounds of each coffee)
  • Roast Ratings Scoring Guide so you can host your own mini-rating (along with digital copies for ease of printing)
  • Collectible “Coffee Reveal” cards, with deeper info about the coffee and roaster
  • A limited-edition gift in every box!
  • Estimated ship date of December 10
The Tasting Box is an awesome training activity and palate development tool. It’s a great way to discover new favorites and keep in touch with roasting trends. And it’s FUN!
This experience is designed to give you an “At-Home” version of the Roast Ratings experience. Like us, you can get caught up in the excitement of guessing roasters and origins, only to find out that coffee can still surprise you.


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