When it comes to coffee and dessert, Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to show your guests a good time, as well as a little something unexpected. When I started thinking about this project I knew that I would need to collaborate with someone that was as nerdy about pastries as I am about coffee and, fortunately for me, I have a family member that has immersed herself in the dessert and pastry world. My little sister, Audrey Bastin.

Audrey Bastin


For us Bastins, Thanksgiving has always been a tradition of making more room at the table. As the first born of our brood, I can recall a time when Thanksgiving was just a handful of us, but over the course of time it’s become quite the feast. What started as 6 or 7 people has grown to over 20 in the last few years, a gathering of family and friends alike. Some of them arrive just before dinner. Others make a full day of it, staying till the turkey begins working its comatose magic. But everyone has one thing in common. No matter when they arrive (or how full they feel), everyone is ready for some dessert and coffee.

This year Audrey and I decided that we were overdue for a sisterly collaboration and that it was time to take on this Thanksgiving challenge together. We worked to create two dessert options with matching coffee beverages, letting each item stand on its own but, when we tasted them together, they become even more delicious. Choose your own adventure below!



Just because it’s familiar doesn’t mean it can’t be rich, decadent & a little spicy…




Looking for something a little less traditional? This little ditty is bright, candied & elegant. And fun.

Messenger Pairing TITLE


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Roast Ratings!

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