The ratings, scores, and evaluations found on this site are the opinion of Roast Ratings LLC, and are never meant to cause distress to, or detract from, a company’s quality of business. All ratings are held up to our strict tasting standards and philosophy.

    Roast Ratings is meant to give a bigger picture of the coffee industry using unbiased and professional techniques. This includes nationally (or internationally) available products as well as “Specialty” grade offerings from roasters around the world. The current stipulation for our evaluations is that the coffee be pure and unflavored. In the case of national retail products, we always seek out whole bean coffee if possible. However, certain products may be evaluated from a “pre-ground” package if no other option is available.

    All paid/submitted coffees may be removed from our website if desired. A qualified representative authorized by the coffee roasting company must contact us at roastratings@gmail.com. We reserve the right to retain any rating for a coffee which has been purchased at retail price by our staff. Any coffee may be resubmitted by the producing company for an updated rating which will replace the current one. Please be sure to inform us if you are submitting as a replacement for a current rating to avoid any confusion.

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